Don’t buy “Testosterone Boosting Supplements” until you read this…

Welcome to the Testosterone supplement snake-oil industry

Because most of the time you can’t just take a pill to solve a problem.

This is obvious when it comes to big pharma trying to solve every condition known to man with pills.

You’re depressed? just take this pill. Oh now you can’t get it up? take this little blue pill. Oh you now have high blood pressure? we have a pill for that too. Etc etc etc.

I’m not saying all supplements are a scam…but you need to fix the ROOT CAUSE of the deficiency first.

Mineral supplements are not a scam. We

Especially “testosterone booster” supplement owners who are making a LOT of money…

Taking a supplement to boost your testostonere is

The “1 & 5” Testosterone boosting supplement protocol

This is easy to understand right?

If your diet is terrible but you’re taking a load of supplements you’re wasting time and money.

Fix your the route cause of your deficiencies first (your shitty diet) and THEN start using supplements.

Well somehow this rule has been completely ignored in the testosterone optimization space.

Thats BS.

The same rule applies here.

You can’t supplement your way out of low Testosterone.


I don’t want to lie to you:

The 1 & 5 protocol is simple...but its not easy.

Let me explain…

It’s a simple protocol:

The ONE is a detox protocol: you need t

But I don’t want to lie to you

You don’t need any other supplements if you do this:

To boost your testosterone with supplements you need to first to ONE detox protocol and then start taking for key minerals/supplements.

Thats the protocol.

The ONE protocol is a Xenoestrogen detox – read more about it here.

Once you’ve done that you should start taking these 4 things regularly:

1. Topical Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium improves testosterone levels by acting as a cofactor in testosterone synthesis, increasing bioavailable testosterone, reducing oxidative stress, regulating cortisol levels, and improving sleep quality.

The combination of these effects create a hormonal environment that supports optimal testosterone production and overall hormonal health.


  • Topical magnesium is much more effective than oral magnesium (capsules)
  • Timing: morning or night its your choice (I prefer post workout or at night)
  • Dosage: as per bottle instructions (its hard to overdo it with topical magnesium)

Recommended: Life-Flo Magnesium Gel or topical oil spray

Life-flo offers highly concentrated pure magnesium chloride products sourced from an ancient seabed (Zechstein) in the Netherlands.

Their products are high strength and high purity. Life-Flo gel is currently my magnesium of choice.

Click here to try their magnesium gel or if that is out of stock (often) try their spray-on magnesium oil.

2. Liquid Zinc Picolinate

The most common mineral deficiency issue of the human race is zinc deficiency.

Here’s why:

The soil in which we grow our crops has been ruined from long term over-farming and pesticide use. This means the soil is dead (you’ve seen the dead soil documentaries right? There are plenty of them)

Dead soil = no nutrients (like zinc). And no zinc in the soil means no zinc in the plants. If the zinc isn’t in the plants we feed to our meat animals or ourselves it’s not going to be in the meat either.

So you are zinc deficient. We all are.

And zinc-deficiency in men = lower testosterone…so its time to start supplementing.

Zinc supplementation boosts testosterone by restoring optimal function of cells responsible for testosterone production (the Leydig cells). Zinc also acts as a cofactor for enzymes involved in testosterone synthesis and supports the secretion of luteinizing hormone (which stimulates testosterone production).

Absolutely essential to get right so your body can produce testosterone.

Guidlines for zinc supplementation:

  • The most bioavailable form of zinc is liquid zinc picolinate (see below)
  • Timing: within 30 minutes of eating a meal
  • Dosage: 30mg per day

Liquid zinc picolinate has the best absorption meaning you get better results with lower doses.

This graph (taken from this study) demonstrates changes in zinc levels from hair samples after 4 weeks of supplementation. Zinc picolinate (solid line) performed the best with the other zinc types being unchanged or insignificant.

Recommended: Nutrition Detective Liquid Zinc Picolinate

Nutrition Detective is the brand of Dr. Garret Smith; world leading expert in liver health and detoxification. Dr Smith has impossibly high standards for nutrients and supplementation which means anything he creates is high level (and free from toxic junk)

His liquid zinc is the most bioavailable and effective form of zinc available without fillers, additives, binders, or any other junk found in most other zinc supplements.

Its pure Zinc Picolinate and water – and when you look at the concentration/strength you understand its great value for money too. It works out to be about 40c per dose.

Other recommended brands of zinc…

It’s not easy to find a liquid based form of Zinc Picolinate that is free from fillers or binders.

(That’s why I only recommended one brand above – Nutrition detective)

But I realize that the international shipping fee’s when ordering from the Nutrition Detective store suck so here are a few other options…

3. Creatine

Creatine is not normally mentioned in the context of Testosteorne boosters so let me explain…

There’s a strong link between resistance training (lifting heavy weights) and testosterone production.

Which means to maximise your testosterone you need to stick to a consistently weekly training schedule (The burning anchor natural testosterone program gives you this schedule)

The intensity of your training sessions and the speed of your recovery influences your bodies testosterone factory. Creatine supports muscle mass, recovery time and ultimately your ability to push yourself in the gym.

So no: creatine itself is NOT a direct testosterone booster… but its benefits for workout performance and muscle development create conditions that can support strong testosterone levels.

Creatine guidelines:

  • Dosage: 3-5 grams once per day (best taken within 1 hour of working out)
  • Take daily: even on non-training days
  • Stay hydrated: creatine can cause the muscles to draw more water from the rest of your body so make sure you’re hydrating properly (you should be anyway)

Recommended: Thorne creatine

4. Selenium

5. Shilajit Resin